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Dvla driving licence for sale

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A DVLA driving licence is required in order to drive on UK roads. The licence is issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and is valid for 10 years. Buy Uk driving licence, apply for your driving licence we work directly with the DVLA in driving license process and In the cleaning of records from the system. Buy your driving licence and get it within 3 working days.

Buy drivers license online- UK

In the United Kingdom, a driving licence is the official document which authorises its holder to operate motor vehicles on highways and other public roads.

It is administered in England, Scotland and Wales by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and in Northern Ireland by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA).

As UK nationals do not normally have identity cards, a photographic driving licence can serve many of the purposes of an identity card in non-driving contexts, such as proof of identity (e.g. when opening a bank account, buy or rent house and cars) or of age (e.g. when buying age-restricted goods such as alcohol).

How to get your UK driving license number

Codes for driving licences in the UK

The following codes are used on driving licences in the United Kingdom: D – driving licence; P – provisional licence; L – learner licence; N – novice licence; F – full licence; G – good driving record; I – invalid licence; B – banned from driving; S – suspended licence.

The codes for driving licences in the UK are as follows: D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 and D6. The D1 code is for learner drivers, the D2 code is for full licence holders, the D3 code is for those who have passed their test but have not yet received their full licence, the D4 code is for those who have a full licence but are not yet 25 years old, the D5 code is for those who are 25 years old or over and the D6 code is for lorry and bus drivers.

The back of a UK driving licence

The back of a UK driving licence contains the following information: the licence holder’s name, address, date of birth, gender, height, signature and photo; the expiry date of the licence; the categories of vehicle the licence holder is allowed to drive; any endorsements or restrictions on the licence.

UK Dvla Real uk driving license for sale

The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the organisation responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and vehicles in the United Kingdom. The agency also issues driving licences to qualified drivers and collects vehicle excise duty (VED).

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The Different Codes on a UK Driving Licence

How to get your driving licence back in the UK

The UK driving number for vehicle drivers

Real UK driving licence for sale Fake Drivers License UK

Driving License: the issuing authority

The website where you can buy your real uk driving license for sale

How to get a provisional driving license in the UK

We work for DVLA so all your details will be on the DVLA database system and you shall legally use the driving licence without any problem, Order UK driving license, that is made in the same manner as the actual document. The year 2020 is the model. Driving Licence for sale, A driving licence is an official document in the United Kingdom that allows its bearer to operate motor vehicles on highways and other public roadways.


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How : To get a real uk driving licence, you must first pass a driving test.

As long: It is not necessary to have an international license to drive in England, just have a valid UK license. Real uk driving license for sale

Northern ireland : If you have a real UK driving licence, you can drive in Northern Ireland.

How can i check if my driver’s license is legit?

Real uk driving licence 2022

Signature : The signature on a real uk driving licence must be that of the licence holder and must be signed in ink.

This : You need a real UK driving licence to drive in this country.

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