How To Get A Uk Drivers License : Complete Guide Online

The Complete Guide to UK Drivers License (Including Fees)

To get a UK drivers license Individuals in the United Kingdom need to fulfil the below points

  • Pass a theory test, hazard perception and on-road practical test. It is illegal for learners to drive unaccompanied. Learners must have passed their theory test before they can sit their practical test. Drivers must wear a seatbelt at all times when in control of a motor vehicle and are not permitted to wear headphones or talk on the phone while driving. 

Vehicle insurance is obligatory and drivers must have both third-party (liability) and own collision cover, although some drivers may be exempt from this requirement by law. The holder of a provisional driving licence is exempt from owning insurance. There are a lot of myths about driving in the UK that we would like to clear up.

Myth: “I can’t drink and drive in the UK

Fact: “There is no law that bans people from drinking and driving, but it is illegal for learner drivers to be under the influence of alcohol.

What is a UK drivers license?

In the United Kingdom, a driving licence is the official document issued by Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) which authorises its holder to operate motor vehicles on public roads and highways. All driving licences in the UK are now issued in a new format – a plastic photo-card and a paper counterpart. A driving license in the UK is your ticket to the road, a way to get around.

How do I renew my driving license at 70